Literacy Pick Up Lines
Literacy Pick Up Lines


My absolute favorite thing is finding a book I can’t put down

And reading it until really late at night

And only stopping when my eyes start to hurt and my vision gets blurry from either sleep or strain

And when I put it down I realize how tired I am and fall asleep instantly.

In the morning, I wake up, and the first thing I do is pick up the book

And I read until I’m hungry, or I need to pee.

I just love that.

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Theodor Seuss Geisel: Can you use your imagination?
J.K. Rowling: Do you believe in Magic?
Rick Riordan: Do you know your myths?
Ryan Murphy: Why be like everyone else?
Suzanne Collins: Are you going to make the right choice?
George R. R. Martin: All die, so why fear it?
Veronica Roth: There are always secrets to be broken?
Cassandra Clare: What would you do for love?
Lauren Oliver: What is a world without love?
Orson Scott Card: Can you really break the status quo of society?
Scott Westerfeld: How does one define beauty?
John Green: What is the purpose of living?
Stephenie Meyer: Can you get a boyfriend?

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I just love books and libraries and the smell of books and complete silence except the sound of someone flipping the pages and i just love words and paper and fictional characters and all the feelings my destiny is to live inside a bookstore

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  • When not all the books in the series are the same height.
  • When books change covers with editions so they don’t all match unless you buy the series in one go.
  • When some books are hardcover and some are softcover and it doesn’t match but you can’t find another copy.
  • When some covers are different in certain countries so you don’t get the main one which also happens to look better than all the other varieties.
  • Basically just books.
  • God damn them.

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Level of concentration while reading: A plane could crash into my house and I wouldn't notice.
Level of concentration while doing homework: A speck of dust could distract me for 15 minutes.

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The only thing better than hot boys and book stores are hot boys in book stores


i tried making a gang once but it turned into a book club